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We will help you organize an effective working Call Center.

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Convenient solution to the operational issues of your business

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Our company will provide you with all the most advanced solutions in the field of IP telephony and will constantly support you.

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Provides services in re premium-class integrated solutions within the framework of IP Telephony

VITGRAND is an alternative telecommunications services operator offering comprehensive solutions. First of all, these are IP telephony solutions and Call Center solutions, as well as Virtual PBXs, International Virtual Numbers (DID numbers), Hosting, Virtual Servers and much more..
VITGRAND is a company that is positioned as an operator of Premium services, providing quality services to its customers at competitive rates, and is oriented to the business environment all over the world.
Our vision is to become a leader in providing high-quality integrated IT solutions on the international market.
Our mission is to become a reliable partner for many companies all over the world. We aspire to become top-ranked in providing the highest quality services and able to optimize costs for all IT solutions specifically intended for each business ad partem.


What People Say

Excellent solution, excellent and quality service. Excellent service and technical support. All tasks are solved efficiently, effectively and, which is important for us, in a short time.

Emiley Haley
Exclusiv Telecom

Our company is grateful to Youtel Communications specialists for the prompt fulfillment of the order - the creation of the virtual and the introduction of the autodialer in our offices. Thanks to the proposed technology, the cost of domestic and long-distance telephone communication has decreased by a factor of time and, most importantly, the efficiency of work has increased by more than 30%. IP-telephony fully meets our requirements, significantly expands communication capabilities, contributes to the effective development of business. Thanks for the help!

Andrew Palmer
AflaCube Call Center

We want to express gratitude from all the employees of our company for organizing IP-telephony. Now we use a quality connection that meets all our requirements, and even managed to significantly reduce the cost of long-distance calls. Thanks for the great service and great deals. We hope that our business cooperation will continue.

Anna Mullen

Vitgrands's single business number allowed employees to manage any type of communication through a single unified interface.

Eric Smith
IT Advance Solutions


  • Up to 20 users only
  • Business phone or toll-free numbers
  • History of all calls
  • 2000 minutes calls within the UK*
  • Voicemail-to-text
  • Team messaging
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  • Number of external numbers 1
  • The number of internal numbers to 50
  • History of all calls
  • Call transfer between departments
  • Free communication within the department
  • Smart scripts for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Interactive Voice Menu (IVR)
  • Connecting voice greetings
  • Audio recording of conversations up to 50 GB / month
  • Connecting the Call Center Module
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