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Business Cloud PBX

A cloud PBX service is available to Vitgrand customers. Our IP-PBX service completely replaces the physical mini-PBX, almost exceeding its functionality. IP-PBX users enjoy all the benefits of a modern digital telephone exchange without the need to purchase it. A thoughtful functionality of a virtual PBX can bring a lot of benefits not only to large enterprises, but also to small office organizations.


By connecting to Vitgrand’s digital telephone station, you get access to a range of services that expand your business opportunities. Together with IP-PBX, your corporate connection is complemented by features such as:

- voice mail service;
- automatic secretary function;
- activation of the night mode at a specified time;
- automatic greeting of the caller;
- organization of the sequence of connection with a specific subscriber;
- possibility of receiving fax messages by e-mail.


The work of the virtual PBX from the Vitgrand network is provided by special software. Our servers are installed in a professional data center, ensuring uninterrupted service operation. Management of mini-PBX from YouTel is distinguished by logical simplicity. For secretaries or other authorized persons, we provide a system telephone that displays the busy status of internal telephone numbers.


In addition, Vitgrand IP-PBX customers can take advantage of service opportunities such as:

- voice mail function;
- function of transfer of calls on internal lines;
- algorithm for handling various calls on different numbers;
- algorithm for different call processing depending on the time or day of the week;
- possibility of intercepting incoming calls to another phone within the same group;
- programmable forwarding of incoming calls to any other number, including mobile;
- setting restrictions on long-distance and international calls for certain internal numbers.

All IP-PBX customers are provided with technical support round-the-clock.


Vitgrand IP-PBX connectivity brings with it a number of obvious advantages, including:

- savings on the acquisition and maintenance of physical telephone station;
- saving office and production space;
- solving problems with communication when moving to another office;
- lack of characteristic noise, typical of many physical mini-PBX.

All work on the organization of the IP-PBX connection, testing and further round-the-clock technical support is provided by Vitgrand specialists.