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Business IP telephony

Vitgrand Company offers you high-quality IP telephony services! We carry out a full range of work on the launch, configuration and maintenance of modern telephone service operating under the IP protocol. Together with Vitgrand IP-telephony, you get access to a variety of high quality and useful services that significantly expand your business opportunities!


When connecting to Vitgrand IP-telephony, you provide yourself with inexpensive and reliable communication with your colleagues, partners, customers and other subscribers in different cities and countries. You are available to a number of services for which fixed-line operators require additional payment


Among them:

- determining the number of the subscriber calling you;
- forwarding calls to the number you need;
- reception and transmission of facsimile messages;
- organization and conduct of online conferences.

Vitgrand uses a robust protocol (SIP) and codecs (G.711a, G.711u, G.729) to keep your conversations private. We conduct ongoing monitoring of communications and provide channel redundancy, ensuring you stable VoIP communications. Our IP-telephony services are available everywhere, where there is a possibility of a stable connection to the Internet.


Company aims to provide premium IP-telephony services, while maintaining maximum usability at low rates. Together with Vitgrand IP-telephony, you get access to such service opportunities as:

- creation of a large number of telephone lines;
- no restrictions on the number of calls;
- consistently high quality of communication;
- high quality reception and transmission of voice messages;
- preservation of all service opportunities when moving your company to another office;
- easy setup and use of all the functionality of IP-telephony;
- constant access to your personal account with comprehensive information about expenses, tariffs of new offers, as well as payment documents and other materials.

Technologies used by VITGRAND will not require you to make significant financial investments. In this case, your telephone connection becomes better and less expensive. You just need to contact us by phone or e-mail, and we will provide you with stable and high quality communication through IP-telephony!