Build an Omni Channel Contact Center for the future

Many Channels, One Platform

Drive contextual conversations on customer-preferred channels. Vitgrand provides enhanced omnichannel customer service and support on a single platform. Our platform boasts of inbuilt support of most popular interaction channels - Voice, SMS, Email, Webchat, Mobile App, Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Social Messengers- Facebook Messenger, Twitter Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Monitor Channels in Real time Voice & Chat

This Omnichannel Call Center Solution is backed-up with robust dashboards that show real-time data about agent-customer conversations through voice and chat channels. The real-time information about the interaction source channel, the agent involved in the interaction, and the context of interaction enables the call center managers and supervisors to get deeper insights into the operations and make informed decisions.

View Channel Specific Dashboards and Reports

Get channel-wise reports of all the communication platforms that your customers prefer to communicate with you. This data enables you to identify the most common channels used by your customers and can help you to strategize your customer engagement accordingly. This ensures a high return on investment with remarkable improvement in the overall CSAT rate.

Automate Call Center Operations

Omnichannel contact center solution allows you to set automation rules based on the event and time-related triggers, such as assigning a conversation to an agent or sending notification or email based on a condition. This helps to streamline your business workflows by configuring powerful business rules in Vitgrand's omnichannel call center software.

Intelligent Routing

Businesses can save time and resources by intelligently auto-routing incoming interactions from different channels to the right agent, based on the agent's skill, workload, customer category, or priority to ensure a quick resolution. In addition to the basic routing rules like Skill-Based Routing and Least Recently Used Routing, Vitgrand Omni's advanced routing capabilities include Preferred Agent Routing, Dedicated Agent Routing as well as routing based on the inputs from a third-party or back-end system. By implementing smart routing automation, managers spend less time handling escalations and can focus more on improving core business operations.